• Yayfair Chocolate Candies! Posted on October 02, 2015

    Yayfair Chocolate Candies! Recently, I went to the mall and when I walked past See’s Candies I was reminded of my beloved Mayfair candy. Since See’s Candies does not offer a vegan variety, I decided to create my own version. I’m calling it Yayfair because my name starts with a ‘Y’ and I like the word “yay!” This recipe tastes like the real thing, only it’s not bad for you. No cholesterol or refined sugar. It’s simply chocolate candy with dried cherry, walnuts, hemp seeds and vegan date “caramel.” It’s raw and such a nice, guilt-free treat!

    Click here for my recipe: http://myeclectickitchen.com/2014/02/chocolate-candy-with-dried-cherry-walnut-hemp-seeds-and-vegan-caramel/

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