Bowl Pause


The Chocovision Rev2, Rev V, Rev Delta & Revolation 3Z offer a bowl pause feature and we are going to discuss this in more detail to see when and how this feature would be beneficial to your workflow.

What is bowl pause?

Once your chocolate is in temper, the bowl will continue rotating to maintain consistent temperature. When you are ready to begin using the tempered chocolate, you can push the "pause" button on the touchpad to stop the bowl rotation for 90 seconds. Once the rotation stops, the display switches from showing temperature to a timed countdown. After 90 seconds, or once the pause button is pressed again, the bowl will start rotating again.

(Illustration shows button on the Rev2, button may be slightly different, but similar on other models).

How would you use bowl pause?

Pushing the pause button to stop the bowl rotation is extremely useful if you want to dip items directly into the chocolate. This is a must have feature if dipping delicate items, which may be susceptible to breakage if dipped into a moving pool of chocolate.

The bowl pause feature is also useful to stop the rotation to remove chocolate from the bowl using a spoon or ladle. This is especially helpful when filling molds.

So, whether you are using the tempered chocolate for dipping or for filling molds, the bowl pause feature will increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow!

Tempering Machines with Bowl Pause