Digital Display


The Chocovision Rev2, Rev V, Rev Delta & Revolation 3Z offer a Digital Display and we are going to discuss this in more detail to see when and how this feature would be beneficial to your workflow.

What is the Digital Display?

The digital display sits above the touchpad and shows important information, such as temperature or cycle. The Rev2 offers a basic LED display, while the Rev V, Delta & 3Z offer a comprehensive LCD display showing chocolate type, current temperature, set temperature, temper mode and heat setting.

How would you use Digital Display?

The digital display allows you to monitor the temperature of your chocolate without using a thermometer! Shows temperature as it moves up and down, also shows default set temperatures, and any temperate adjustments you may make.

(Illustration above shows basic LED display on the Rev2, higher end machines offer a more comprehensive LCD display - see below).

The Digital Display will also change as the machine moves from cycle to cycle. This is helpful so you know what step in the tempering process you are at.

(Illustration above shows LCD display available on the Rev V, Delta & 3Z models which offers a more comprehensive display).

The Digital Display keeps you informed, so it is will help to increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow!

Tempering Machines with Digital Display