Extended Temper Mode


The Chocovision Rev V, Rev Delta & Revolation 3Z offer Extended Temper Mode (ETM) and we are going to discuss this in more detail to see when and how this feature would be beneficial to your workflow.

What is Extended Temper Mode?

This ETM function was developed for users that require access to tempered chocolate for extended periods of time. Using the ETM function keeps your chocolate in temper for up to 12 hours.

How to set Extended Temper Mode?

When machine indicates (three beeps) that your chocolate has reached its desired melt-point, and is ready to be tempered, press the "T" button to select between Quick, Normal and Extended Tempering Modes (see below).

QUICK TEMPER: Chocolate will cool down directly to the desired temper point.

NORMAL TEMPER: Chocolate temperature will fall slightly below the temper point, then come back up to the temper point (this margin is known as the “Delta").

EXTENDED TEMPER MODE (ETM): This function allows chocolate in the bowl to remain in perfect temper for extended periods of time (up to 12 hours).

(Illustration shows T button on the Rev 3Z, button may be in a slightly different location on other models).

How would you use Extended Temper Mode?

If you run a busy shop you could easily get called away from your tempered chocolate having to deals with customer, employees or phone calls. Or, maybe you will be dipping strawberries or treats on demand and need to have tempered chocolate ready to use? Or, maybe you are a single person operation, and you need as much time as possible to complete your project.

(NOTE: When using the Extended Temper Mode, place the bowl cover over the bowl to help maintain temperature and to protect chocolate from contaminants).

No more hurrying to use the chocolate before it falls out of temper, or waiting for chocolate to re-temper, the Extended Temper Mode ensures your tempered chocolate is there and ready to use when you need it!

The Extended Temper Mode will save valuable tempering and re-tempering time, so it is sure to increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow!

Tempering Machines With Extended Temper Mode