What are the chocolate tempering temperatures?

Specific Chocolate Tempering Temperatures

Depending on the cocoa butter content of the chocolate and introduction of other ingredients, the tempering temperature of chocolate varies. It is always best to check with your chocolate supplier to verify the exact melt and temper points for your specific chocolate, but you may use these as a general guideline for tempering dark, milk and white chocolate:

Type of Chocolate Tempering Temperature (Temper Point)
Dark 88° - 90°F
Milk 86° - 88°F
White 84° - 88°F

Note that although white chocolate does not contain any cacao solids, it is still subject to the same tempering procedures since it is made of cocoa butter.


Tempered chocolate can be stored for several months without blooming at constant cool room temperature, 55 - 68°F with a relative humidity at or below 50%.

Working Room

When tempering and setting tempered chocolate, the ideal workroom conditions are: Room temp: 68-72°F. Room humidity should not exceed 50%. Use an AC unit to regulate if needed.