Accessories - Chocovision Replacement White Baffle - to fit Rev1 & Rev2

$ 99.00


Replacement baffle for use with the Chocovison Revolation 1 and Revolation 2 chocolate tempering machines (will also fit Chandre Sinsation machines).

WHITE Replacement baffle for Rev1 & Rev2 and Sinsation machines.


  • Made from high impact ABS and injection molded plastic
  • Integral temperature probe
  • Easily Removable
  • Easy clean-up


(1) Small White baffle w/ baffle clip.


Q. Will this baffle fit my Rev2B or Mini Rev machine?
A. No, this baffle fits best on the Rev1 and Rev2 machines. If you are looking for a baffle for your Mini Rev or Rev2B machine, please click HERE.

Q. Will this baffle fit my Chandre Sinsation I or Sinsation II machine?
A. Yes, this baffle will fit your Sinsation machine.

Additional info

Fits Chocovision Rev1 and Rev2 machines. Will also fit the Chandre Sinsation I & II tempering machines.

See baffle for Mini Rev and Rev2B machines HERE.

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