Overnight Mode


The Chocovision Rev2, Rev V, Rev Delta & Revolation 3Z offer an Overnight Mode feature and we are going to discuss this in more detail to see when and how this feature would be beneficial to your workflow.

What is the Overnight Mode?

The Overnight Mode feature was developed for users that would like to leave melted chocolate in the bowl for an extended period (or overnight), to save additional melting and cleanup time.

1) This feature can be activated at any time by pressing the OVERNIGHT button. Once selected, the machine heater cycles from 100 F. to 85 F. The bowl rotation also cycles on and off to keep a consistent temperature.

2) To deactivate the OVERNIGHT MODE press the R RESET button.

NOTE: The chocolate in the bowl is kept in a melted state, but it is not held in temper! After machine has been in Overnight mode, the chocolate must be re-tempered.

(Illustration shows button on the Rev2, button may be slightly different, but similar on other models).

How would you use Overnight Mode?

You have just finished up making a large batch of candies and you still have quite a bit of chocolate left in the bowl; the last thing you want to do is clean-up! Overnight Mode to the rescue! If you will be using the same chocolate the following day, you can turn on the Overnight Mode to keep the chocolate melted until you return, at which time it can be re-tempered and you can start right where you left off This saves valuable clean-up time! Starting with pre-melted chocolate also speeds up the temper cycle on your next batch.

(NOTE: When using the Overnight Mode, place the bowl cover over the bowl to help maintain temperature and to protect chocolate from contaminants).

The Overnight Mode is also very useful if you are working on a project, but get you called away. Put your chocolate into the Overnight Mode and it is ready to be re-temepered when you return (again, lots of time and frustration saved!).

So, no matter which way you use it, the Overnight Mode will save valuable clean-up and tempering time, so it is sure to increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow!

Tempering Machines With Overnight Mode