Temperature Adjustment


The Chocovision Rev2, Rev V, Rev Delta & Revolation 3Z offer offer manual temperature adjustment and we are going to discuss this in more detail to see when and how this feature would be beneficial to your workflow.

What is Manual Temperature Adjustment?

As noted in a previous features article, Chocolate Type, all of the Chocovision tempering machines have preset programs for milk, white and dark chocolate with the standard melt and temper default temperatures. So, all you have to do is select the type of chocolate you are using (Milk, White or Dark). Once selected the machine will start the melt cycle at the appropriate temperature for the chocolate you chose.

Manual temperature adjustment allows you to take this a step further! If your chocolate requires a slightly higher or slightly lower temperature for melting or tempering, you can use the temperature adjustment buttons on the touch pad to manually adjust the chocolate to your desired temperature!

How would you use Manual Temperature Adjustment?

Let's say you are making raw chocolate and you require a low temperature for melting and tempering? Or maybe you are using an exotic dark chocolate that requires a higher melt and hold point? Or you are a bean-to-bar chocolatier and you require customized heat settings?

You can use the Heat Up or Heat Down buttons to raise or lower the default temperatures in the melt or ready modes. Pushing the button in the "Melt mode" will change the temperature in 1 degree F increments (hold button to scroll to desired melt temperature), and .10 F increments in the "Ready mode". The increment of adjustment is temporarily shown in the LED display during adjustment. Once released the display reverts to actual temperature reading. To double check your adjustment, quickly press the illuminated button.

(Illustration above shows basic LED display on the Rev2, with the temperature being raised to 115 degrees F, from the default 108 F temperature.)

What is the temperature range for manual adjustment?

Manual temperature adjustment allows you to choose the temperature, so it will increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow when working with customized, exotic or hard to temper chocolate!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Chocovision Mini Rev, does NOT offer manual temperature adjustment! If using the Mini Rev you must use the default melt and temper settings and use chocolate that will work within those temperatures. See Chocolate Type for more information on these default temperatures.

Tempering Machines With Manual Temperature Adjustment