• What Is Your "chocolate Covered" Personality? Posted on January 19, 2015

    What Is Your "chocolate Covered" Personality? What does your favorite chocolate covered food says about you? This blogger thinks she can tell you!

    "I need chocolate to function on a normal level the way most humans need coffee, and by virtue of this, I probably have more experience with eating chocolate than you and anyone within a mile radius of you combined. I’ve tried pretty much every kind of chocolate and chocolate combo imaginable (except, of course, chocolate from the new chocolate 3D printer, which has basically just become my nutritional white whale).

    I’m not saying that I’m the Queen of Chocolate but if people started calling me that…well, I wouldn’t stop them. So when I tell you that I can accurately assess your personality based on your favorite chocolate-dipped treat, please believe that I say it with the authority of someone who may or may not have chocolate stains on their shirt at this present moment. (In case it wasn’t clear, I have several.) "

    Here is what each of these popular chocolate dipped items say about you:


    Was she right? Share your comments below!!

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