• Toasted Hazelnut Nougat! Posted on June 05, 2017

    Toasted Hazelnut Nougat! Through your acute powers of observation, you may have noticed that this recipe is for toasted hazelnut nougat. Those of you with acute psychic powers as well will know that this was meant to be a post on orange honey nougat.

    Here's what happened: Butchie and I were in the process of making nougat when I realized that somehow I was out of the powdered sugar that our recipe called for. I was also out of confectioners sugar, and castor sugar, and basically all the forms of sugar I would reasonably replace powdered sugar with. I just had plain old white sugar. But nougat is a whipped sugar syrup, right? The texture of the sugar shouldn't make all that much of a difference once it's dissolved, right? Hint: this is where you should start laughing.

    See what happens next and find the recipe here: http://www.cherryteacakes.com/2011/03/toasted-hazelnut-nougat.html

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