• Pioneer Potato Candy! Posted on October 03, 2014

    Pioneer Potato Candy! I found this candy recipe book at a yard sale last summer in Pennsylvania. It was written by the editors of the Farm Journal and contains a treasure trove of recipes. Caramels, chocolates, taffy and fondants among them. The first recipe that caught my eye was this one for potato candy. I have never heard of candy made from potatoes. I previously had success with a Velvet Mashed Potato Chocolate Cake, so I gave it a go.

    The result? It was easy to make with the directions provided. It tastes sort of like a peanut butter cup made from potato paste instead of peanut butter. They are extremely sweet and I found them addictive so I gave the rest away as soon as possible. The next time I make them, I'll experiment with the coatings, decorations and maybe add a flavor extract to the potato center.

    Find this recipe here: http://www.diaryofamadhausfrau.com/2011/01/pioneer-potato-candy.html

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