• Peach Ice Cream Bon Bons! Posted on July 17, 2013

    Peach Ice Cream Bon Bons! In honor of National Peach Ice Cream Day, we present Magic Shell (chocolate covered) peach ice cream bon bons! The perfect summer treat!! I had never heard of Magic Shell. How is it possible that I've lived my life without knowing about this incredible substance? For anyone else who is in the dark like I was, magic shell is this chocolate coating which hardens instantly and smoothly when it comes in contact with something cold (ie, ice cream). Super easy to make and really fun to eat! I was intrigued as to whether I could make little bite-sized ice cream balls, completely coated in chocolate. It took some trial and error, but I finally figured it out. Peach ice cream (or your favorite flavor) 115 g bittersweet chocolate, chopped 20 g refined coconut oil 1. Scoop ice cream into little balls and set on a tray. (I used my cookie scoop.) Put tray in the freezer for at least an hour. (This was my biggest trial and error...I kept taking them out to try to dip them and they just weren't cold enough to hold their shape until they'd been in the freezer for an hour or two...longer is better.) 2. Make magic shell: partially melt chopped chocolate in the microwave. Stir until completely melted. Add coconut oil and stir until combined. Cool slightly. 3. Once magic shell is cool and ice cream balls have frozen fairly solid, dip each ice cream ball in the bowl of chocolate, rotating until it is completely coated. 4. Briefly refreeze coated ice cream balls. (Apparently magic shell can be stored, covered, in a mason jar at room temperature.) Ta da! Delicious and fun ice cream bon bons!! Photo & recipe shared from: http://mixitbakeit.blogspot.com/2011/07/ice-cream-bon-bons.html

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