• Pb Cup Popcorn Balls! Posted on July 16, 2016

    Pb Cup Popcorn Balls! These popcorn balls are a little different than most traditional recipes—they’re held together with melted marshmallows, sort of like the popcorn version of rice crispy treats. As you might imagine, they’re deliciously sweet, chewy, and soft, and the marshmallow mixture makes them very easy to shape into balls.

    But the BEST part about these popcorn balls is the mix-ins! I knew I wanted to incorporate chocolate somehow—anyone who has ever tossed a handful of M&M’s into their bucket of popcorn at the movies knows how well chocolate and popcorn go together! I decided to take this a step further and put a peanut butter twist on the popcorn balls. The melted marshmallow has peanut butter mixed right in, and then the popcorn is tossed with salted peanuts and cute little mini peanut butter cups. Finally, each ball is drizzled with a little more chocolate, because how could I not?

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.sugarhero.com/peanut-butter-cup-popcorn-balls/

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