• No Chocolate By 2050? Posted on February 27, 2019

    No Chocolate By 2050? Several articles have pointed recently that we are heading to a major chocolate crisis. Chocolate producers are struggling. Cocoa, the delicate plant behind chocolate needs humid tropical climates and shades of rainforests, which limits areas where you can grow it. Leading regions are found in West Africa, with Ivory Coast and Ghana alone contributing to more than 50% of the entire world’s production.

    However, as a result of global warming, cocoa cultivation in these areas is expected to literally move uphill to maintain optimal growing conditions. The challenge remains in the limited areas of land available, as many of these locations are currently banned from cultivation or might not be suitable for it.

    Read more about the 'chocapocalypse' here: https://www.business-standard.com/article/current-affairs/no-chocolates-by-2050-what-we-need-to-understand-about-chocapocalypse-118082600186_1.html

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