• New & Improved Rev V! Posted on March 03, 2016

    New & Improved Rev V! The Chocovision Rev V chocolate tempering machines is one of our most popular models because it is the perfect size (not too big, not too small - it is just right!). So, it is a great choice for small, medium and large chocolate businesses!

    But, the Rev V just got even BETTER, with these new added features (not available on previous versions):

    *Extended Temper Mode (ETM). Holds chocolate in perfect temper for extended periods of time (hours and hours!) without thickening!

    *Recipe Storage. Stores up to 29 chocolate recipes. Now you can program 29 different tempering recipes, allowing you to use a wide variety of chocolates quickly and easily!

    *Manual Mode. Manual melt mode allows you to melt chocolate without tempering. Quickly melt compounds that do not need to go through the full tempering cycle, perhaps eliminating the need for a separate melter.

    Find out more about the NEW & IMPROVED Revolation V Chocolate tempering machine here:


    You don't need to be a chocolate professional to get professional looking chocolate - all you need is a chocolate tempering machine!

    Compare all of our chocolate tempering machines here:


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