• Monsters University Oreo Pops! Posted on October 17, 2013

    Monsters University Oreo Pops! This can be a Halloween treat or you can file this away for a birthday party! Who doesn't love an Oreo? Especially one decorated like Mike Wazowski?

    What you will need:

    Double Stuffed Oreos
    Colored Tempering Chocolate or Candy Melts – Lime Green
    Large Candy Eyes
    Decorator Icing – Black
    6″ Lollipop Sticks

    Temper your chocolate or melt down your candy melts.

    Separated the tops of your Oreos and dip your lollipop stick into the melted candy. Gently press the sticks into the cream of the Oreo (the melted candy helps to keep this in place.)
    Use a drop of the melted candy to hold the Oreo top in place and place briefly back into the freezer to set.

    After 5 minutes, dip the set Oreo into the candy melts.

    Once covered, gently tap the Oreo to remove the excess candy. Place onto wax paper and place back into the freezer to set the chocolate.

    Once the coating has set, I use a dab of the decorator icing to attach the eyes.

    I then cut a small hole on the corner of a small sandwich bag to pipe on the decorator icing for the mouth.


    adapted from: http://www.petitepartystudio.com/2013/07/monsters-university-oreo-pops/

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