• Leftover Halloween Candy? Posted on November 04, 2013

    Leftover Halloween Candy? Use it to make this Halloween Bark! What could be better than just eating all the candy individually? I make this, and bring it to a party or gathering in order to get rid of all the extra candy. (Happy National Candy Day). Ingredients: •1 bag of white chocolate chips •1 bag of milk or semisweet chocolate chips •Whatever Halloween Candy you want (we used mini reeses cups, reeses pieces, candy corn m&m’s, candy corn and Halloween sprinkles) •About a fun size baggie of pretzels crushed up Directions: 1. Melt your milk chocolate in the microwave. (I know, no tempering on this one) 2. Spread your milk chocolate in a thin layer over a piece of foil. I put the foil on a baking sheet and used that as a guide (also helps keep candy contained) 3. Sprinkle your pretzels all over your milk chocolate 4. Let chill until hard 5. Now melt your white chocolate in the microwave (make sure you have your candy ready. I made up bowls of various candy for each kid) 6. Spread your white chocolate over the pretzel layer. 7. Cover with candy and sprinkles 8. Chill 9. Break apart into pieces and SHARE! thanks to: http://www.asouthernmom.com/halloween-bark-leftover-halloween-candy-make/

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