• Halloween Chocolate Strawberries! Posted on October 16, 2013

    Halloween Chocolate Strawberries! Chocolate covered strawberries are SOOO yummy!!! Usually they are also very elegant, but they can also be fun!! These ones are SUPER cute!! Let your creative juices flow as you create these yummy treats for any occasion.

    I basically tempered my chocolate, dipped my strawberries and decorated with fondant, chocolate chips, and candies. I also painted some details on with colored tempered chocolate.

    The mummy is just melted white chocolate. I dipped the strawberry in the white chocolate and let it harden. Then drizzled more white chocolate over the strawberry until I got the mummy-effect I wanted and let it get hard. Then I just added little bits of rolled fondant for the eyes.

    For the pumpkin I used the coloured melting chips, but you could use white chocolate and dye it. I dipped it in the coloured coating and let it harden. Then I piped on very fine stripes to and let them get hard. Then I added the finishing touches using bits of fondant.

    Again, be creative- if you take a picture, please share. I would love to see your results!

    adapted from: http://carolynnsrecipebox.blogspot.com/2010/10/chocolate-covered-strawberries.html

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