• Easy Chocolate Truffles! Posted on December 01, 2013

    Easy Chocolate Truffles! Truffles are what sweet lovers fantasize about. They are opulent orbs of smooth chocolate. Truffles must be eaten ever so slowly to get every flavor sensation, as they slide past your lips and into your mouth.

    Once you've mastered the simple art of making truffles, there is little else to be done for a wonderful presentation. Metallic candy wrappers or miniature muffin cup liners make great holders. You can serve them, in their holders, on a doily lined silver tray. They also make perfect gifts. Place the truffles, in their wrappers, in a pretty box. Close the box and add a silk bow. This is one gift you'll know that will be greatly appreciated.

    (excerpt from: About.com)

    to see recipe click here: http://www.rightathome.com/Food/Recipes/Pages/EasyChocolateTruffles.

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