• Double Chocolate Truffles W/ Nuts! Posted on November 29, 2016

    Double Chocolate Truffles W/ Nuts! These Double Chocolate Truffles satisfy the chocolate lovers in our house (which is everyone)—adding coconut oil and dark chocolate (containing 70% cocoa) brings health benefits to our candy platter without compromise (or guilt). Not only are these Double Chocolate Truffles eyes-roll-up-in-your-head delicious, but anyone, I mean anyone can make these babies and look like a pro.

    Just don’t rush when you eat one.

    I remember having this debate with my brother-in-law about truffle eating when I saw him chewing, yes, chewing a Lindt chocolate truffle as he was unwrapping another—it is still a joke between us and he is sure to taunt me with his truffle snarfing whenever possible. As I told him, this isn’t dime store candy to be gobbled up, chocolate truffles should be savored. Bite if you must, but allowing its silkiness to cascade over your tongue in gentle chocolate waves is far more satisfying. I suppose if you roll them in nuts or toffee you may be tempted to chew, but do try to resist, lingering as long as possible in velvety chocolate bliss.

    Click here for this recipe: http://savoringtoday.com/double-chocolate-truffles/

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