• Diy Andes Mints! Posted on December 07, 2018

    Diy Andes Mints! Andes Mints are a holiday staples in our home! But, we no longer have to buy them, thanks to this homemade and healthier version courtesy of Make The Best Of Everything.

    This recipe didn’t take a whole lot of time. It’s just a matter of letting each layer cool in the fridge before the next layer goes on. It is essential to line any pan you use with parchment paper. It will just pop right out of the pan when it as cooled. Add a little bit of coconut butter to each batch of melted chocolate. This way the Andes mint turned out “Melty.”

    See the full recipe here: http://makethebestofeverything.com/2016/01/homemade-healthier-andes-mints.html

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