• Did Someone Say..chocolate Pickles?! Posted on November 14, 2016

    Did Someone Say..chocolate Pickles?! Today, class, we'll be talking about chocolate pickles. In this world, there are two kinds: those made of solid chocolate formed in pickle-shaped molds (a crass imitation of the real thing), and the real thing itself -- crunchy brine-soaked cucumbers covered in chocolate. Mmmmm.

    Okay, we know this is weird, but the interesting mix of tastes and textures makes chocolate pickles worth trying. If it makes you feel better about fixing them, just call them by their French name: Couverts cornichons au chocolat. Everything sounds so much better when you give it the Le Cordon Bleu treatment, oui?

    Happy National Pickles Day!

    Read more here: http://www.extremechocolate.com/did-somebody-saychocolate-pickles.html

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