• Chocolate Peanut Butter Apple Slices! Posted on November 03, 2013

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Apple Slices! Happy Sunday! I was home alone in the afternoon yesterday. so I thought about making something fun – double dipped apples first coated in peanut butter and then dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkled with chopped nuts. O.M.G. they were incredible. They finished much more quickly than I thought they would-the whole process only took around 1 hour, and it was so worth it. I love peanut butter apples for a snack in the afternoon, but chocolate peanut butter apples is 10000x better =) Today I thought I would do it again and serve as a dessert appetizer to my friends that came over to watch the game! It's easy, right? Ingredients •1 apple •1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips •1 tbsp shortening • Creamy, natural peanut butter Instructions 1. Wash and slice the apple in slivers. 2. Line a tray with wax paper (make sure it fits in your freezer!). 3. Grab the apple slivers in the bottom center, and dip apple slivers in peanut butter upside down so the peel is facing the ceiling, using greased fingers to help spread the peanut butter over the apple. 4. Place the slivers peel side down on the wax paper (I don’t coat the peel side with peanut butter for easier handling.) 5. Freeze for 15 minutes. 6. Temper or melt 1 cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips in a little dipper crockpot or double boiler. 7. Stir chocolate well with a spoon, then dip peanut butter-coated apples the same way as before (peel facing up the ceiling, with fingers pinching the apple in the center of the peel side), twisting to cover in chocolate. 8. Shake off excess chocolate, and place back peel side down onto the wax paper. 9. Sprinkle immediately with chopped peanuts. 10. Let stand 15 minutes to harder, or refrigerate until ready to eat. thank you to: http://www.mysanfranciscokitchen.com/chocolate-dipped-peanut-butter-apples/

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