• Chocolate Dipped Stuffed Peaches! Posted on April 13, 2015

    Chocolate Dipped Stuffed Peaches! You could also call this “distraction from life in the form of peaches”. It’s been one-of-those days. That being said, I’ve learned lots of little tricks to turn a day heading for disaster into something majorly sweet. A little dessert goes a long way. Dessert that feels fancy; dessert that defines ease. Let’s talk about this! Peaches! They’re stunning right now – grab some. Slice them up, dip them in coconut oil infused dark chocolate, and sprinkle some chopped cashews all over. That would be good enough, right? But do I ever stop at good enough?

    Nope! Curry and honey get swirled into creamy mascarpone cheese to make an exotic finishing touch to this fast dessert.

    Click here for this recipe: http://bakerbynature.com/dark-chocolate-coconut-dipped-peaches-with-curry-honey-mascarpone-filling/

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