• Chocolate Dipped Orange Cookies! Posted on January 02, 2016

    Chocolate Dipped Orange Cookies! These cookies get their orange flavor from no less than three different sources including orange zest, orange juice and candied orange peel. When you take these already great sounding cookies and you dip them in chocolate they get even better and I could not resist adding them to this years holiday cookie platter. The recipe for these cookies is pretty similar to many other recipes for short bread where you mix the ingredients, chill the dough and then slice and bake it. Despite that fact that they take a bit of time with bringing the butter to room temperature and then chilling the dough, these cookies are really easy to make. The orange flavor certainly comes though well in these cookies and the bits of candied orange peel add a particularly nice texture. There is just something magical about the orange and chocolate flavor combination and it certainly works well with these cookies!

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.closetcooking.com/2010/12/orange-cookies-dipped-in-chocolate.html

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