• Chocolate Dipped Macaroons! Posted on May 31, 2015

    Chocolate Dipped Macaroons! Happy National Macaroons Day! This is one of my very favorite holidays because it celebrates one of my favorite type of cookie!
    But, is it really a cookie? This is what today's blogger had to say about it-

    To me, macaroons are a necessary Passover treat - a coconutty ball of sweet my parents bought every year when I was kid, that I went out of my way to find while I was in college, and that I'll search every grocery store in the area for until I find one. In fact, a couple years back, my girlfriend decided she was in the mood for a Manischewitz chocolate chip macaroon, and we searched 6 grocery stores until we finally found that holy grail.

    You see - she felt the same way I did. That chocolate macaroon wasn't a cookie - it was an institution. The rocky road-style "cookie" wouldn't satisfy our craving. "High-end" or off-brand imitations wouldn't do the trick. In fact, if you think about it, she didn't really want a "macaroon." She wanted her sense of taste to do what senses do - remind her of times gone by, tie those into her new experiences and make new memories - to do what good food was supposed to do: to be more than a meal, and create an experience.

    When I bit into one of these homemade dark chocolate macaroons - I wasn't left wanting. It unearthed Passover memories. It satisfied an urge that went deeper than hunger and taste. In short, I rediscovered that experience.

    And it was delicious.

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.cutseveryday.com/2013/03/dark-chocolate-dipped-macaroons-for.html

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