• Chocolate Dipped Banana Nut Brittle! Posted on October 08, 2014

    Chocolate Dipped Banana Nut Brittle! I have to say, one of the best things about loving to cook, bake, candy make…….is when you get to give it away!

    Whether you pack this in bags, boxes or buckets—Chocolate-Dipped Banana Nut Brittle is the perfect gift-giving recipe. Using a classic peanut brittle recipe, I joined peanuts with my favorite nut–cashews! Adding banana chips gives it an extra crunch that is super addictive. So be sure to pack this one quick and don’t blame me if you don’t!

    Find this recipe here: http://seasonofsweets.com/2013/05/chocolate-dipped-banana-nut-brittle/

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