• Chocolate Covered Watermelon Bites! Posted on August 31, 2015

    Chocolate Covered Watermelon Bites! Melted chocolate and juicy watermelon aren’t the most common companions. And I certainly had my doubts about pairing the two up since melted chocolate getting cozy with anything water-based often leads to a inedible, seized mess. So how do we make refreshing chunks of watermelon and silky-smooth chocolate get along? One word: Freezer.

    The bite-sized servings of watermelon go for a quick freeze before being dunked in your choice of melted chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of sea salt. Remember that the better quality of chocolate you use, the better these sweet and salty bites will taste. And feel free to swap sprinklesfor the sea salt, or add some extra crunch with chopped nuts to round out this easy, refreshing and healthy dessert.

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.justataste.com/chocolate-covered-watermelon-bites-recipe/

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