• Chocolate Covered Pilgrim Hats! Posted on November 13, 2013

    Chocolate Covered Pilgrim Hats! I made these little Chocolate covered pilgrim hats last year with my kids on Thanksgiving day! They were a hit. I am definitely not a chocolatier, that’s for sure…in fact I could use some classes, but these were really fun to make and turned out pretty cute. Maybe this year they will look even better, since I have had some practice. To make these mini pilgrim hats, you will need: -Fudge striped cookies -Large Marshmallows -Chocolate Chips (I like milk chocolate) *I always add a 1/2-1 tablespoon of butter or butter Crisco to my chocolate so that it is easier to dip my strawberries, marshmallows or whatever I am trying to cover in chocolate. -Frosting gel or tubes…black and yellow Directions: First, grab a cookie sheet and layout the fudge striped cookies, stripes down. Next, temper or melt your chocolate in the microwave or using a double-broiler. Then dip your marshmallows. You can place a marshmallow on top of a cookie and then use a knife to finish covering the whole top. Let these cool in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. After the hats have cooled, you can add some black piping around the base of the hat and a buckle. And there you have it, a very cute chocolate treat-pilgrim style! thanks to: http://thecraftingchicks.com/2011/11/chocolate-covered-pilgrim-hats-a-sweet-thanksgiving-treat.html

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