• Chobani Strawberry Smoothie Truffles! Posted on June 25, 2013

    Chobani Strawberry Smoothie Truffles! What happens when the world’s best Greek Yogurt meets the world’s best sweet treat? There’s an instant love explosion of deliciousness, that will leave shrapnel of happiness and satisfaction all over your tummy, that’s what!

    Did you ever think you could pop a Strawberry Smoothie into your mouth anytime you want one? No blender required! These bites of amazement are super simple too! Not only are they a healthier treat full of fresh Strawberries, they’re also loaded with calcium thanks to the rich & creamy Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt! Cake Batter and Smoothie Mix binds them all together! Wait there’s more…then they’re plunged deep into creamy milk & white chocolate, just to seal the delicious deal! Try freezing them for an extra special, fun Fro-Yo-Smoothie. Such a great way to have a cool, sweet treat all summer long! Kiddos luv them too!!


    1 Box of Strawberry Cake Mix (half the mix for 30 truffles)
    1 Packet of Strawberry Smoothie Powder (half the packet for 30)
    2 Containers of Chobani Strawberry Greek Yogurt (only 1 for 30)
    1 Cup chopped fresh strawberries (1/2 cup for 30)
    1/2 Cup of milk (1/4 cup for 30)
    Milk Chocolate Candy Coating..about 8 squares (4 squares for 30)
    White Chocolate Candy Coating..about 8 squares (4 squares for 30)

    Chop up the strawberries into a small dice.
    In a medium bowl combine the cake mix, smoothie powder, chopped strawberries, yogurt & milk..mix well, slightly smash those berries! It should be a very thick batter, almost dough consistency! Add the milk in slowly so it’s not too wet!
    With a small scoop, scoop out the truffle batter balls and place them onto wax paper.
    Melt ( or temper) the chocolate candy coating (follow the directions on the package) and drizzle the chocolate over each truffle. I used an apple slicer thingy as a tool to evenly coat the truffles.
    Let them set up..be patient! The 3 minutes it takes for them to dry, feels like an eternity!
    These are fine at room temp. for a long time. But they should go into the fridge to sleep! Or freeze some for a unique Fro-Yo Smoothie Truffle Treat! Re-purpose the strawberry container, it makes for a perfect truffle fridge storage!

    See more delicious pictures here: http://www.ohbiteit.com/2012/06/chobani-strawberry-smoothie-truffles.html

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