• Banana Bread Truffles! Posted on February 23, 2014

    Banana Bread Truffles! Today is National Banana Bread Day! These are seriously addictive. If you already love banana bread be prepared to love it a whole lot more when you mix it with cream cheese frosting and dip it in chocolate. Keep it for yourself or set them out on the dessert table at any baby or bridal shower and watch them disappear. Make up a new batch of your favorite banana bread recipe or use the leftovers from a loaf that is already on hand, this recipe is easy to modify based on home much you have on hand. I have tried several times, unsuccessfully to make cake pops but these yummy truffles are much easier to make than their close cousin the cake pop- you get to skip the trickier stick step.

    Find the recipe here: http://licouponqueen.com/banana-bread-truffles/

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