• Baking Basics: Chocolate 101! Posted on March 05, 2020

    Baking Basics: Chocolate 101! You’d think that chocolate would be pretty self-explanatory and when it comes to eating it, it usually is. However, when you’re baking with chocolate, there is a lot of different terminology for all of the different types of chocolate regarding how sweet it is.

    Knowing the difference can mean the difference between a perfect chocolatey dessert and one that is either way too bitter or way too sweet. We’re going to cover all of the bases today so you know exactly what you should be using and when.

    Check out this thorough description of the different types of chocolate – unsweetened, bittersweet, dark, semisweet, milk and white, and when to use them: https://www.browneyedbaker.com/baking-basics-chocolate-101/

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