• White Chocolate Candy Bark! Posted on October 04, 2014

    White Chocolate Candy Bark! The creator of this recipe wants us to wait until AFTER Halloween to make this! Um, NO! I mean, it is a good idea, but seeing this makes me want it now!

    "After Halloween there is Just. So. Much. CANDY! What to do with all the leftover Halloween goodies? Why, turn it into some other form of candy of course! Chocolate Candy Bark to be specific. This recipe makes a fun and easy way to use up all of your leftover sweets all at once. Get it out of your pantry and into a yummy and festive snack."

    Read more: White Chocolate Candy Bark Recipe - Momtastic http://www.momtastic.com/food/174569-white-chocolate-candy-bark-recipe/#ixzz3Ezw0tO4p

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