• Oreo Peppermint Ice Cream Bon Bons! Posted on June 02, 2016

    Oreo Peppermint Ice Cream Bon Bons! These “bonbons” are nothing more than minty Oreos, filled with peppermint ice cream, dunked in chocolate, and finished with a scattering of crushed candy canes on top. So simple, so fast, so freakin’ delicious. You can make them in advance, keep them in the freezer, and then take them out as the situation requires. Unexpected visitors? Late-night munchies? To-do-list-related stress eating? These bonbons are here for you, and they are whispering, “Come. Partake of our refreshing, minty deliciousness. We have your back.”

    Click here for this recipe: http://www.sugarhero.com/oreo-peppermint-ice-cream-bonbons/

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