• Oreo Minions! Posted on July 21, 2015

    Oreo Minions! OMG! Bring these Chocolate Covered Oreos to your Minion party with a few easy ingredients and simple steps. Your guests will love these Minion chocolate covered oreos and be glad to have their own Gru in their midst.

    Since the moment I started planning my Minion party, I have had these Minion chocolate covered oreos as an idea in the back of my head. I love when an idea just comes to you like that, and then even better, when it actually works out and looks so amazing when done.

    Despite how many crazy steps there are, they are really easy to make. I just tried to detail everything so you wouldn't get lost if you tried to create your own Minion oreos.

    Click here for the directions: http://www.kandykreations.net/2014/11/minion-chocolate-covered-oreos.html

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