• National Milk Chocolate Day! Posted on July 28, 2013

    National Milk Chocolate Day! Ah milk chocolate. Has there ever been a better comfort food? I mean seriously, a food that is known to release similar chemicals in the brain as an orgasm that tastes like heaven on a stick makes this delectable treat so above and beyond anything else that it's not even fair. And with it's sweet, light and fluffy texture that goes with just about any food or to compliment any meal, it simply is the best. Just think about it, milk chocolate is the base ingredient for 90% of the candy bars in the market. You can dip fruit or even vegetables in it, add its powder form to milk for hot cocoa or chocolate milk, melt it and drizzle it over some ice cream or a sundae, put it in chocolate chip cookies or just eat it by the handful. There is no wrong way to eat milk chocolate so that is why we make July 28th "National Milk Chocolate Day".

    Milk chocolate is a product of the cacao bean and has been mainly used as a drink for all of it's history. The first known use of chocolate was in 1100 BC in Puerto Escondido, Honduras where sweet chocolate residue was discovered in jars at a known gathering place. Milk chocolate was later adapted from the cacao bean by being mixed with sugar, milk powder or condensed milk to give it a sweeter flavor with a smoother texture. There are no known origins for the first "National Milk Chocolate Day", but I think it's safe to assume that a group of chocoholics who were tired of be ostracized by their peers for how much chocolate they consumed on a daily basis had something to do with it.

    So you have one task and one task only and that is to put milk chocolate on everything today. I'm sure there are your old reliable favorites that you will indulge in first, but be sure to go outside of the box while celebrating today. Put some milk chocolate on some strawberries, eat some candy bars you've never even tried before or drizzle a little chocolate syrup on your lover, err bananas. Milk chocolate can be fun for people of all ages, so do it up right...

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    There are so many amazing milk chocolate recipes there is NO way we could pick just one, so share your favorite recipe here!!

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