• Moustache Cookies! Posted on June 19, 2013

    Moustache Cookies! Try these fun and funky cookies! Not much time to bake ….. not an issue at all, these cuties use pre-packaged cookies and need just 10-15 mins & 3 basic ingredients to prep…..they make great party favors!

    Ingredients - Your favorite shortbread cookies, some tempered chocolate, a few M&Ms or dot candy is all that you need ..

    Sketch a few mustaches on a piece of paper, keep an acetate sheet on top.

    Fill a piping bag with some tempered chocolate & pipe the chocolate all over the drawing. Pipe a few circles for the nose too . Make tiny dots on the candies for the eyeballs.

    Refrigerate everything for a couple of mins . Once
    set , peel your chocolate art & stick on the cookies with
    some melted chocolate.

    See step-by-step photos here: http://www.littlefoodjunction.com/2012/06/fathers-day.html#.UcBXUhXD_3h

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