• Godiva Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Psice Truffles! Posted on September 05, 2018

    Godiva Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Psice Truffles! If you thought pumpkin spice ended at lattes — or butter, Twinkies and Frosted Flakes — think again. While we can probably live without pumpkin spice cough drops (not kidding — they’re real), there is one thing we’d love to enhance with a hint of that delectable fall taste: chocolate.

    Chocolatier Godiva apparently agrees, and this season, they’re giving us this magical combination with new, limited-edition milk chocolate pumpkin spice G cubes. Available in Godiva stores and online beginning Sept. 10, you can get a 10-piece box for $4.95 or 22 truffles for $11.95.

    The milk chocolate truffles are filled with a pumpkin spice ganache, which is just another way of saying you’ll be transported to pumpkin spice heaven when you take a bite. Of course, they also come in an orange box and each one is individually wrapped in orange because can you really have too much orange during pumpkin season?

    Read more here: https://www.simplemost.com/godiva-now-has-limited-edition-milk-chocolate-pumpkin-spice-truffles/

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