• German Chocolate Cake Cookies! Posted on April 03, 2016

    German Chocolate Cake Cookies! It might sound a little immodest, but everyone who tried, said that these German chocolate brownie cookies are really of the best I had ever made (and I make cookies really often). And really, if you like coconuts and pecans mixed with caramel, you will get them all here served on a tasty brownie cookie, and you also have melted chocolate as a bonus on the top.

    German chocolate cake is really unique, people either hate it or love it. If you are among the ones who hate them, I suggest some other recipe, but if you love this traditional cake, then you simply must try this German chocolate Brownie Cookies recipe.

    Click here for this recipe: http://omgchocolatedesserts.com/german-chocolate-brownie-cookies/

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