• Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips! Posted on September 16, 2013

    Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips! Today, as I wandered into my kitchen, I immediately spotted two of my favorite foods: potato chips and chocolate chips. I considered today’s post done!

    I know this isn’t exactly a recipe… at all. It’s much more of an assemblage. But, chocolate covered potato chips are BIG where I come from, so any of you unfamiliar to this insanely unhealthy flavor explosion: this post is for you. ♥

    makes 30 individual chips


    30 uniform and unbroken salted potato chips (use your favorite here- I used Lay’s original)
    1 bag (12 oz) vegan chocolate chips


    Sort through your potato chips and make sure they are all in pristine condition. No cracks, brakes, bumps, folds, etc. Set aside so that you can easily get to them once your chocolate has melted.

    Over medium-low heat using a double boiler, melt chocolate chips until smooth.

    Dip one potato chip at a time into the meted chocolate, using a small spoon to help glide the chocolate over the entire chip. It takes a bit of finesse and a little patience to thoroughly cover the chip. You definitely won’t be able to dip it straight in and then pull it out perfectly covered in chocolate (wouldn’t that be awesome?). No, you’ll basically have to more or less smear it on the potato chip.

    Place chocolate covered potato chip onto wax paper. Repeat with all chips until thoroughly covered. Add some colorful sprinkles, if desired.

    Let chocolate harden and then serve.

    The chips almost lose a bit of their “crunch” when dipped in chocolate, but they are still little bites of super salty chocolatey awesomeness. So really, it’s worth the compromise. I hear wavy chips work better for this, but I never have those kind on hand. I may be simple, but I’m still quite picky.

    source: http://www.allysonkramer.com/2010/11/chocolate-covered-potato-chips/

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