Chocovision Revolation 2B (Rev2B) Chocolate Tempering Machine Temperer

$ 579.00



A convenient, space-efficient tabletop chocolate tempering machine with all of the features for the professional chocolatier. The Revolation 2B takes the hassle out of working with chocolate - get perfectly tempered chocolate in minutes!

We are an AUTHORIZED Chocovision dealer! You are guaranteed to receive a BRAND NEW, latest model, machine with full manufacturer's warranty and support!


  • Melt and temper milk, dark & white chocolate in under 30 minutes.
  • Electronic touch pad controls & bright digital display.
  • Show temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • Removable dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl
  • Removable ABS plastic baffle with integral temperature probe
  • Manual Temperature Adjustment (up to 130 degrees during the Melt Cycle, 95 degrees in Temper Mode).
  • Two tempering options: Temper 1 (quick temper) and Temper 2 (longer temper cycle; perfect for hard to temper chocolates).
  • Ready Mode Indicator (illuminates when chocolate is in temper and ready to use).
  • Bowl Pause (stops bowl spinning for 90 second intervals, great for dipping!)
  • Overnight Mode (holds chocolate in a melted state for faster tempering next time).
  • Made of high impact ABS plastic.
  • One year manufacturer's warranty (parts and labor).


  • Minimum Capacity: 4 oz.
  • Maximum Capacity: 1.5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 12.5"W x 10.5"D x 5.25"H.
  • Electronics: 110 volts, 60hz with standard US plug (if you require a 220/240v machine for international use, please click here to see the 220/240v Rev2 for export).

BUYING AS A GIFT? Please note that the Rev 2B machine will ship in a full color retail box (showing the contents). If this is a gift, please be sure to ship to a location where the gift recipient will not see it.


Purchase includes: 1 solid baffle, 1 bowl, 1 cover, 1 dipping tool, 3 pack of scrapers, 1 clip and cleaning brush. PLEASE NOTE: The Rev2B does NOT include the holey baffle, the holey baffle can be purchased separately HERE.


QUESTION: What are the differences between the Mini Rev (formerly Revolation 1) and the Rev2B (formerly Revolation 2) tempering machines?

ANSWER: The Mini Rev is a light-duty machine and it is best suited for occasional use. The Rev2B is a commercial machine and is well suited for frequent use, it is perfect for small to medium sized businesses. The Rev2B also has the following features that the Mini Rev does not:

  • Bowl pause (stops bowl rotation for 90 seconds to allow dipping)
  • Overnight mode (keep melted chocolate in the bowl for extended periods of time, heater cycles between 100F-85F while rotating the bowl intermittently)
  • Digital temperature display (shows current temperature, without using a thermometer)
  • Manual temperature adjustment (allows you to adjust melt and temper temperatures to your needs. With the Mini Rev, you must use the default melt and temper settings and use chocolate that will work within those temps).
  • Temper 2 feature (brings chocolate up to temper point, drops down a few degrees and brings the temp back up - for perfect temper conditions).

QUESTION: Is the Rev2 available in 220/240v for export?

ANSWER: Yes, the Rev2 can be upgraded to 220/240v for international use. Please click here to see the 220/240v Rev2 for export.

QUESTION: Can the Rev2B be used in other 110v countries (like Mexico and Central America)?

ANSWER: While it is possible the machine will work there, the fluctuation of power voltage (current spikes) in these countries can damage the machine. Therefore, use of this 110-120v machine outside of the US and Canada will void the manufacturers warranty.


Please click here to download the Rev 2 Instruction Manual The new Rev2B works the same way as the original Rev2.



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