Temper 1 versus Temper 2


The Chocovision Rev2B offers two temper mode options and we are going to discuss these in more detail to see when and how this feature would be beneficial to your workflow.

How to set Temper Mode?

When machine indicates (three beeps) that your chocolate has reached its desired melt-point, and is ready to be tempered, press the "temper" button (button will be flashing) to select between Temper 1 or Temper 2 (see below).

Temper 1 (quick temper): Chocolate will cool down directly to the desired temper point. Press Temper button ONCE to activate Temper 1 mode (light in top left corner will illuminate).

Temper 2 (longer temper): Chocolate temperature will fall slightly below the temper point, then slowly come back up to the temper point. This mode is best suited if you are using hard to temper chocolate, or chocolate/seed that is not in good condition. Press Temper button TWICE to activate Temper 2 mode (light in the bottom right corner will illuminate).

NOTE: As a general rule Temper 1 works best for dark and semi-sweet chocolate, as Temper 2 can cause it to over temper and thicken.

(Illustration shows Temper button on the Rev2, button may be in a slightly different location on other models).

The option of two temper modes allows you to use differnt types of chocolate, increasing your versatility and the efficiency of your workflow!

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