Chocovision Revolation 3Z (Rev 3Z) Temperer 30 / 45 lb. Commercial Chocolate Tempering Machine

$ 3,999.00



The NEW Revolation 3Z can produce 30 lbs of perfectly tempered chocolate at a time (45 lbs when using holey baffle!). Your facility can generate 200+ lbs of chocolate per day, with the efficient yet simple controls. The 3Z's user-friendly display screen makes monitoring and controlling your chocolate simple. As always, our unit uses forced hot air as its heat source. NO LIGHTBULBS, NO HOT WATER BATHS.

It maintains perfect temper conditions for hours and hours, and like all of ChocoVision's machinery, is equipped with a removable, bowl, baffle and scraper.

We are an AUTHORIZED Chocovision dealer! You are guaranteed to receive a BRAND NEW, latest model, machine with full manufacturer's warranty and support!


  • LARGEST capacity - automatically tempers up to 30 lbs of chocolate in under 1.5 hours. Holey Baffle included with purchase will increase the capacity to 45 lbs!
  • Extended temper mode (holds temper for up to 2 days!).
  • Preset buttons for Milk, White & Dark chocolate
  • Manual Temperature Adjustment (up to 130 degrees during the Melt Cycle, 95 degrees in Temper Mode).
  • Stores up to 29 recipes (quickly and easily use different types of chocolate!)
  • Fully automatic micro-processor using forced hot air. NO LIGHT BULBS, NO HOT WATER REQUIRED!
  • Can be used as a large melter (select a chocolate type and when it reaches the melt point, simply don'€™t press any more buttons!)
  • Easy-to-Read 20x4 Character Display
  • Bowl Pause.
  • Overnight (Standby) Mode.
  • Set and hold temper point to 2/10ths of a degree Fahrenheit.
  • Sleek Stainless Steel Design


Purchase includes: 1 stainless steel bowl, 1 solid baffle, 1 dipping tool, 3 pack of scrapers, 1 baffle brush, set of knobs, 1 cover, instruction manual and one year parts & labor warranty. PLUS FREE HOLEY BAFFLE


QUESTION: What are the differences between the Rev Delta and the Rev 3Z commercial tempering machines?

ANSWER: The Rev 3Z is Chocovision's newest machine and it offers the LARGEST capacity of 30 lbs! Like the Delta, the Rev 3Z also offers the extended temper mode, but it does not offer the Compound / Melt only mode offered by the Delta, but you can use this machine as a large melter (simply select a chocolate type and when it reaches the melt point, don't press any more buttons.!)

QUESTION: Is the Rev 3Z available in 220/240v for export?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, the Rev 3Z is NOT available in 220/240v and it is NOT suitable for use on a transformer. For this reason the Rev 3Z is not available for shipment outside of North America.

QUESTION: Can the Rev 3Z be used in other 110v countries (like Mexico and Central America)?

ANSWER: While it is possible the machine will work there, the fluctuation of power voltage (current spikes) in these countries can damage the machine. Therefore, use of this machine outside of the US and Canada will void the manufacturers warranty.

Additional info

  • Minimum Capacity: 6 lbs. (8 lbs. when using holey baffle!)
  • Maximum Capacity: 30 lbs. (45 lbs. when using holey baffle!)
  • Dimensions: 23.5"W x 23"L x 8.5"H
  • Electronics: 110 volts, 1200 watts and 10 amps with standard US plug.


Please click here to download the Rev 3Z Instruction Manual



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