Manual (Melt) Mode


The Chocovision Rev V & Revolation Delta offer the Manual Mode and we are going to discuss this in more detail to see when and how this feature would be beneficial to your workflow.

What is Manual Mode?

This function was developed for users that require melted, but NOT tempered chocolate. Also useful for melting non cocoa based compounds and coatings - allows you to use the machine as a large batch melter!

How to set Manual Mode?

When machine is in start mode, press the "M" button to manually enter the desired melt temperature. Use the UP and DOWN ARROW buttons to select desired temperature. The machine will then melt and hold product at your set temperature.

(Illustration shows M button on the Rev V, button may be in a slightly different location on other models).

How would you use Manual Mode?

If you don't need tempered chocolate, you can have warm, melted chocolate ready to use whenever you need it - perfect for making ganache or barks (or for dipping on demand!). Or maybe you are currently using confectioners or compound coatings, but still need a way to melt and dip quickly and efficiently? Or, maybe you are using glaze, icing or caramel and just need a large melter?

(NOTE: When using the Manual Mode, place the bowl cover over the bowl to help maintain temperature and to protect chocolate from contaminants).

The Manual Mode offers a quick and easy way to melt large quantities of product, so it is sure to increase the speed and efficiency of your workflow!