Revolation 3Z Enrober

This demo video shows the items from our Chocovision Revolation 3Z Chocolate Tempering Machine + Enrober + Skimmer Business Package in action.

As you can see, the package is a complete set to allow professional chocolate shops and commercial candy making production.

Video Transcript

This is a fully assembled ChocoVision Enrobing System consisting of the Revelation 3Z chocolate tempering machine with attachable skimmer and enrober, all manufactured by ChocoVision. These are available individually or as a set.

Connect the enrober intake section, coating section, and exit section together like so.

Lock enrober in place and screw the knob on. Place gear cover over gears and screw the mounting knobs into place. Connect the hopper to the enrober coating section.

Place assembled enrober onto the 3Z machine. Adjust the enrober inlet guides as desired and lock in place with the knobs. Start the skimmer and enrobing belt. You may have to experiment to discover the best belt speed for your type of chocolate.

Place items on the enrobing belt and allow them to run through the chocolate curtain.