Revolation 3Z Chocolate Tempering Machine

This demo video shows the Chocovision Revolation 3Z Chocolate Tempering Machine in action.

Video Transcript

This is the Revolation 3Z by ChocoVision with all components disassembled for full view.

Place the bowl into the machine with the bumps facing down. Rotate the bowl until it fits into place. The baffle measures and reports the temperature of the chocolate to the microprocessor. Fit the scraper into the corresponding ridge in the baffle. With scraper still in place, lower the baffle over the bowl so that the holes on either side line up with their corresponding bolts on the machine.The contact strips on the left-side riser will line up with the contact strips on the baffle. As you firmly press down the baffle, the scraper will bend forward toward the front of the bowl. Screw the baffle knobs down on both sides to secure the baffle and scraper in place. The baffle clip prevents any unmelted chocolate from escaping the bowl as it rotates.

Now that your machine is fully assembled, plug it in and turn the switch found on the right-hand side of the machine on. The digital display screen will light up indicating that the machine is on. At any time while using your machine, press the R button to return to the startup menu. If the baffle is not firmly in place or there's any debris on the contact strips, you will see the words Install Baffle across the display screen while the machine continues to beep.

Press the down arrow button to toggle between fahrenheit and centigrade. Place your unmelted chocolate behind the baffle and select between the white, milk and dark chocolate buttons to begin the melt cycle. In this case, we are using dark chocolate and will press the D button. Cover the bowl with the machine's lid. When the chocolate reaches 85 degrees fahrenheit bowl rotation will begin. The probe must be fully submerged in chocolate in order to accurately report the temperature. For the Revelation 3Z, the minimum chocolate needed to fully submerge the probe is estimated at 8 lbs.

To change the default melt and/or temper point at any time in their cycles, press and hold the arrow up or down button and let go when your desired temperature is seen on the display screen. The chocolate will continue to heat until it reaches the default melt point of 108 degrees fahrenheit. When the chocolate reaches 108 degrees, you will hear a series of beeps and the words Add Seed will appear on the display screen.

Remove the lid and add your seed chocolate, about 1/8 the total batch. Press the temper button to begin cooling the chocolate thus starting its temper cycle. Continue to press the temper button in order to toggle between temper modes: quick, long and extended. For this demonstration, we are utilizing the quick temper mode. Please see your manual for full explanations of all temper modes. The chocolate will cool until its set temper point is reached, at which time a series of beeps will tell you that your chocolate is in temper and ready to be used.

Remove any remaining seed chocolate from behind the baffle.

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