Wearable Parts

Chocovision tempering machines includes a number of parts and accessories. Some of these are "wearable" parts, which will require replacing over time.


The baffle is one of the most important parts on your machine. It sits between the solid and melted chocolate, and contains important sensors and circuitry for key functions of the machine.

You can find some tips for care and cleaning of your baffle here.

A failure of the baffle will take your machine out of commission. If you will be relying on your machine for business use (and can't go without using your machine), we recommend keeping a spare baffle on hand just in case.


Scrapers are boomerang-shaped plastic parts that sit between the baffle and the bowl. As your machine's bowl rotates, the scrapers brush against the bowl and prevent melted chocolate from sticking to the edge of the bowl.

As a result, your scrapers wear down over time as you use your machine.

In very dry, hot or cold climates the scrapers can get a bit "dried out" and become brittle. So, we recommend that you store them in a place that doesn't get too hot or cold.

It might also help to store them in a sealed container or bag, like a zip-lock or a glad bag, with a sprinkle of warm water in it (or a damp paper towel). That should help keep the bag humid, and thereby keep the scrapers moist inside. Just make sure to wipe off any excess water before placing them in the machine!

Baffle Clip

These clip onto the top of the baffle to help keep unmelted chocolate pieces from creeping up and out of the bowl. If you are working with a large amount of unmelted chocolate, you might find it helpful to use 2 baffle clips side by side.