Baffle Use & Care

What is the baffle?

The baffle is the plastic piece that sits across the middle of the bowl. It acts as a barrier, so your solid chocolate sits at the back side, and as it melts it pools around to the front to temper.

(Illustration shows baffle on the Rev Delta, baffle may be slightly different, but similar on other models).

The baffle is one of the most important parts on your machine. This relatively simple looking piece runs all of the most important functions of your chocolate tempering machine - including timing, chocolate temperature sensing, and heating cycles.

You must keep your temperer's baffle in good shape to keep the machine working properly! If the baffle becomes damaged or cracked, or the machine is not reading chocolate temperature properly, it is time to replace it.

Here are a few tips to extend the life of your machine's baffle:

  • Never clean your baffle with harsh detergent or hot water
  • Never washed your baffle in a dishwasher
  • Do not submerge or "soak" in water
  • For best result just hand wash with lukewarm running water in the sink, or wipe down with damp cloth


  • Be sure you chocolate is not too thick (or over tempered) - this can cause the baffle to crack
  • Never let chocolate harden in the machine, as this will damage the baffle.
  • Properly clean your bowl, baffle and all other tempering machine components after each use, removing all hardened chocolate.

If you use your machine regularly, or rely on it for business use, we highly recommend that you keep a spare baffle on hand as this can save time and frustration in the case of a baffle failure!

Some machines offer a holey baffle option, which increases the machine batch capacity. You can read more about the holey baffle HERE.