How to find light bulbs for ACMC tempering machine

The ACMC table top tempering machine uses an incandescent light bulb. Since these bulbs are being phased out in the USA, it is nearly impossible to find them in stores. Here is some helpful information for finding replacement bulbs for your ACMC machine:

You should still be able to find 100W/120V “Rough Service” bulbs in the big box stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. Rough Service bulbs are considered specialty bulbs, and have not yet been included in the purge of incandescent bulbs. They’re actually better suited for the machine because of their heavier and better supported filament which resists vibration.

If you cannot find them at a local store, the most useful tool we have of course is the internet and it’s not difficult to find standard or rough service incandescent bulbs that way. Here’s a link to a site where you can still find 100W/120V bulbs:

Due to the relatively low cost and lack of availability locally, we suggest you stock up on light bulbs and buy by the case (24-36 bulbs should last a LONG time).

Another alternative found to work well are screw-in infrared ceramic heaters. Here’s a link for those:

Screw in heaters are more expensive compared to a traditional incandescent bulb, but still a great option (and may be the only option as incandescent bulbs become harder and harder to find!).