Revolation Delta Chocolate Tempering Machine

This demo video shows the The Revolation Delta chocolate tempering machine in action.

Video Transcript

To begin, insert the bowl with the bumps down into the corresponding divots in the machine.

You'll turn the bowl until those bumps fit snugly into the divots.

The baffle acts a divider between melted and unmelted chocolate with the baffle clip preventing any unmelted chocolate from escaping the bowl. This thermal probe reports the temperature of the chocolate to the microprocessor. Insert your bowl scraper into the allotted ridge on the baffle.

You'll note that the scraper does not lock into the place until the baffle is fastened to the machine. Make certain that the bowl scraper bends forwards toward the front of the machine.

Screw down both knobs in order to secure the baffle and scraper in place. Place the lid and cover over the bowl. The power switch can be found at the back of the machine. You will know the unit is on when the LCD lights up.

You're now ready to begin melting your chocolate. Place a minimum of three and maximum of ten pounds of chocolate behind the baffle. Place the dust cover onto the lid in order to prevent heat loss during the melt cycle. Press the S button until the chocolate type you're using appears on the screen. In this case, we're using dark chocolate.

The chocolate wll heat until it reaches 85 degrees fahrenheit at which time the bowl will begin rotating and melted chocolate will pool in the front side of the bowl.

Eventually, the temperature probe will be fully submerged in chocolate ensuring an accurate reading. To adjust the melt or temper point, press and hold the arrow up or down button until the temperature scrolls to where you'd like it to end up.

As you can see we've raised the melt point to 115 degrees fahrenheit and then back down to the default 108. Over roughly the next 30 minutes, the chocolate will continue to be heated until it reaches its melt point.

The chocolate has now reached its melt point indicated by a series of beeps and the words "Add Seed" appearing on the display. Begin temper mode by pressing the T button until your desired mode appears on the display. Add up to 1 lb of chocolate behind the baffle to act as seed. Note the difference between Temper 1, Temper 2, and Extended Temper mode in your instruction manual.

For the sake of this demonstration, we will be utilizing the Temper 2 mode, which takes the chocolate below its set temper point and then slowly heats it back up to it.

You'll be alerted to remove any remaining seed chocolate by another series of beeps and the words "Remove Seed" appearing on the screen. Press the T button and proceed to remove any unmelted chocolate from behind the baffle.

Within moments you will hear three prolonged beeps and the words "In Temper" will appear on the LCD screen indicating that your chocolate is tempered and ready for use. Remove the machine's lid and dust cover and begin working with your perfectly tempered chocolate.

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